The Team

The reason La Bella Italia is still here twenty years since it began is in no small thanks to the team, particularly staff members who have been with us for a long time. Without mentioning names, these people have from their first day of work, understood the concept, philosophy and passion which drives La Bella Italia ahead. Having passion and a hard working attitude are the keys to success in a place such as La Bella Italia. Thanks so much to all those valuable staff members who have been here throughout the years and who have contributed so much to the continual growth and development of La Bella Italia.

Aaron Mane

La Bella Italia will always remember with much fondness Aaron Mane. He sadly passed away on the 18th of February 2019. He was a very dear member of La Bella Italia family who was there with Antonio in the early days. Antonio has many fond memories and stories to share about the early days with Aaron. When he heard the news of Aaron’s passing he was deeply moved, “With the passing of Aaron a piece of my life in New Zealand has gone. La Bella Italia started with him. It has been my pleasure to share with Aaron culture, knowledge, laughs, ideas, projects and so on. I will miss Aaron for his goodness, great sense of humour and his working intelligence. He was very good to La Bella Italia and to my family. He was the very much loved uncle Aaron to my children”.