Culatello di Zibello DOP Arrives to our Shores!

Undoubtedly 2020 will be remembered for COVID-19, how it crippled the world and spread loss, grief and sorrow across the globe. Amidst all this suffering Antonio did it again!

Many of our dear, loyal customers may well remember when he first introduced Prosciutto di Parma to New Zealand in the Summer of 2003/2004. At the time it was quite an accomplishment with many small and large battles along the way fought and ultimately won.

Much water has since passed under the bridge when Antonio was at it again. Remember this day; Oct 2020. This is the date Culatella di Zibello DOP first touched down on New Zealand soil. It is the ultimate top shelf cured pork product. It is uniquely and only available in store at La Bella Italia! A delicious treat ideal for Christmas, Easter and other special occasions and celebrations.

You are invited to spend some time browsing this page to discover the origins and secrets behind Culatella di Zibello DOP.

Al Vèdel & Podere Cadassa SINCE 1780


The owners of the Restaurant and Salumificio (cured pork meat factory) are members of the same family: Siblings, Enrico and Monica Bergonzi and their spouses are fully involved in the Company. Al Vedel’s story dates back to 1780 in Vedole near Colorno (PR), when old aunt Cleofe decided to turn her “porch” into a food store and restaurant. Here, travellers, merchants and locals were welcomed and made to feel “at home”. From the beginning, it was used to produce some Charcuterie Products for the guests; so aunt Cleofe decided to convert the rustic building next door into a small sausage laboratory named Podere Cadassa.


Close to the restaurant is Podere Cadassa, an artisanal farm where typical local Charcuterie is produced, mainly Culatello di Zibello Dop, the king of Italian cured pork meat. Products are aged in the natural cave. From the very beginning the business involved the production and ageing of typical charcuterie products of the Parma Po Valley, especially the famous Culatello di Zibello Dop.

In 2014 the salumificio was redeveloped with the creation of the Culatelli tunnel and the introduction of particular drying and ventilation procedures so to retain the original handcraft products and to meet the stringent quality control standards required by International food laws.

Culatello di Zibello Dop

Certified by the Consorzio di Tutela. Moreover, this is a Slow Food Presidium and has achieved the certification of Associazione Antichi Produttori. Podere Cadassa respects strict production standards and selects raw material carefully and solely from Emilia Romagna and Lombardia; production is carried out without any preservatives and colouring; only salt and pepper are used. Each charcuterie is bound by hand and aged in the Natural Cave; in this way, the development of noble moulds and correct ageing are assured.

Historical Restaurant and Natural Ageing Cellar in the heart of the food valley


In the last few years a new artisanal charcuterie line has been introduced by Podere Cadassa: dry cured pork meats from black Parma Pigs, a very ancient pig farmed in a semi-wild way on Parma hills. The pigs are slaughtered when they are 2 years old and weigh over 250 kg. Their dimensions allow the butchers to obtain Salumi of middle-big sizes, requiring longer ageing times. These animals are particularly fat and their fat gives the meat a unique long-lasting flavour with an additional strong melting sensation. It is extra-ordinarily tasty! This production line is limited and only small quantities are produced each year; Podere Cadassa prefers quality to quantity.


Podere Cadassa has achieved BRC and IFS certifications.

BRC – British Retailer Consortium – is adopted by Anglo-Saxon countries like GB or Canada.

IFS – International Food Standard – is adopted by Germany and France.

This certification is usually achieved by big processing factories while Podere Cadassa is one of the smallest artisanal realities in existence. After one year of careful monitoring and testing – carried out by an external body – this little Company succeeded in getting the two certifications with the highest possible score.