Cinema Italiano Festival

6 – 18 Nov

The Italian Film festival is nearly upon us! This year’s theme is the Family. The family is the cornerstone of society and a core ingredient to Italian culture and lifestyle. For Italians family is everything. For a family, sitting around a table sharing good food and wine is essential for strengthening bonds of love and togetherness. It is also a link to the past; to traditions handed down generations.

The Empire Cinema & Eatery in Island Bay is hosting the 4th Annual Italian film festival again this year. La Bella Italia is proud to collaborate in providing a special menu for patrons who attend the festival this year. Paolo Rotondo has once again done an incredible job in sourcing a range of films, touching on this year’s theme, to suit everybody’s taste; Drama, romance, thriller, comedy, suspense, family & classical. Be sure to check out the programme and treat you and your loved ones to an amazing Italian Film experience.

An opportunity not to be missed!