Our Philosophy

La Bella Italia’s underlying philosophy has always been driven by Antonio’s desire to share his Italian culture with his fellow New Zealanders. This is not only the incredible mediterranean food & wine culture but also very much includes his deep cultural roots steeped in tradition and family values.

Regarding food, the ingredients always need to be fresh and of the highest quality, without any compromises towards the Italian tradition; No pineapple on pizza! Alfreddo fettucine? ketch-up or tomato sauce – No way!

Moreover, when following a traditional Italian recipe short cuts shall never be taken. If you don’t have an ingredient available, DO NOT EVEN BOTHER! There is never any substitute for extra virgin olive oil, Parmiggiano Reggiano, or Prosciutto di Parma… rather wait until you have the appropriate ingredients or try cooking another dish.

Keeping alive century old traditions is important when it comes to matching wine with food. This is a must in Italian cuisine! Here at La Bella Italia we have the additional benefit of being able to use wonderful quality New Zealand produce in the Italian way.