Carbonara Originale

Buy Meal Box Shop for Ingredients Carbonara Originale It has always been Antonio's vision to share with New Zealanders his experience of Italy as much as possible. There is a beautiful story behind each dish, each ingredient and the way to put them together… Here is [...]

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Linguine Zucchini and Clams

Linguine Zucchini and Clams Ingredients 500g Zucchini Costa D'Oro Exrta Virgin Oil 100g grated cheese (provolone dolce) 100g Clams Plentiful quantity of chopped parsley Salt & Pepper 500g Linguine Gerardo di Nola Method Cut the Zucchini into rounds of at least 3mms and brown them alongside [...]

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Fusilli Pasta with Tomatoes and Capers

Fusilli Pasta with Tomatoes and Capers Ingredients 500g fusilli pasta 2Tlbs of Sicilian salt capers (soaked for 20 minutes, drained and chopped) 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped Extra virgin olive oil 500g tomato passata Dried Sicilian chili flakes 4 anchovies in oil (chopped) Method In a [...]

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Cannelloni alla Sorrentina

Cannelloni alla Sorrentina Ingredients 12 Cannelloni Divella (uncooked or slightly boiled) 150g Parmigiano Reggiano 250g Mozzarella di Bufala 125g Italian Ricotta 2 Egg yolks 250g mixed beef and pork mince Parma Ham or salami shavings Salt, pepper and nutmeg Tomato ragout sauce for the filling Method [...]

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