Antonio’s Parents

Antonio’s family has been in the hospitality business for three generations. In 1959 his father opened a very small Trattoria. Following this in 1970 he built and opened a hotel – restaurant called La Primavera. This is situated in Massalubrense along the Amalfi coast and is kept going today by Antonio’s younger brother and mother.

Antonio recalls his father teaching him how to recognise and purchase quality products, paying heed to their place of origin. From the early age of 4 years old he would accompany his father all around Italy as they sought out the best ingredients each region had to offer. As his father always used to say, “Cooking is easy, Shopping is hard!” 

Antonio’s mum whom is a very hard worker, was the right hand to her husband. She was in charge of the family’s education both at home and at school. Following in her husband’s footsteps she has become a very good chef in her own right – now she is still pretty much in charge.