Tours of Italy

Much more than a holiday in Italy, Antonio’s Food & Culture Tours started in October 2006 as a way of fulfilling a passion for the traditional Italian food and culture. Touring Italy with Antonio is a way to discover ancient traditions and taste the original flavors of the Bel Paese. Guided by an insider, you go visiting plants and producers to see and experience how our delicacies are produced. Antonio’s Grand Tours of Italy are a full range of emotions, that will last long after you have come back.

Antonio’s tours are a unique blend of food, wine, art, history, music, families, traditions, and passion.

Antonio’s Grand Tour covers a different itinerary every year, giving you the opportunity to see all of the Italian regions from North to South.


“I used to go with my father to Parma and to the Chianti region to select products, that were ultimately only the best that were served to our guests at La Primavera in Massa Lubrense – I always came back from these trips overwhelmed by the tradition, the passion, the art, the culture and, above all, the products to be found in these places . . .
And now it would be a pleasure to share all this with you.”


We are already looking forward to the Grand Tour 2017, which will be in September! The itinerary is now finalised, but of course there may still be some little changes or improvements.

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