(stuffed turkey)

•  1 Small Boneless Turkey
•  400g Mince
•  50g Parmigiano-Reggiano
•  8-10 Dry Plums
•  15 Chestnuts
•  200g Pancetta
•  3 Pork Sausages
•  2 Eggs
•  2-3 Apples
•  250ml Dry White Wine
•  Flour
•  Nutmeg
•  Sage
•  Rosemary
•  Salt
•  Pepper
•  Olive Oil

Cooking time:
2 hours


Prepare the stuffing by putting together the mince and the skinless sausages with the eggs, shredded parmesan, salt, pepper, and nutmeg.

Add 100g of diced pancetta, the plums without the pit, and the peeled and diced apples into the boiled chestnuts and chopped turkey entrails.

Mix stuffing with the white wine and stuff the turkey. Tie together with using string or kitchen twine.

In a big oval pan, put some olive oil with bacon, sage, and rosemary. Add the stuffed turkey afterwards and salt. Wait until it browns on both sides. Add a glass of dry white wine and cook for at least 2 hours at low heat with the lid on, adding  water occasionally – making sure it is always wet on the bottom and doesn’t stick.

When cooked, remove the twine and put on a serving dish. Mix some potato starch with the sauce and serve.

Buon Appetito!