Serves 4

•  360g of Rummo Riccioli
•  100g of speck in one slice
•  200g of taleggio
•  milk
•  salt
•  pepper


Cut the cubed speck and let it brown in a large pan (which is also good for blending the pasta with sauce) until it becomes crunchy.

Remove the thin crust of the taleggio and cut it into pieces. Melt it in a pan together with 30ml of milk. If necessary, add more milk to make a creamy mixture.

Cook the pasta in plenty of salted water, cook for 7 minutes, drain it al dente, and place it in the pan with the speck. Add the taleggio sauce and mix well. If the pasta looks dry, add a little more milk.

Serve your Italian Style Mac & Cheese warm, adding some cracked black pepper.

Buon Appetito!