JK.14 “Davide” Amaro Liqueur 1l

Amaro is the perfect balance of flavours, with hints of liquorice from the gentian root, peppermint and orange: a variety of flavours, in perfect balance.
MAIN INGREDIENTS: Gentian root, bitter orange, peppermint.
AROMATIC PROFILE: Perfect balance between the various components; intense fragrance of liquorice, mint and toasted sugar.
PALATE: Immediate minty taste with a pleasant aftertaste of liquorice and bitter orange.

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JK.14 “Arlecchino” Liqueur 1l

A traditional liqueur, fruity and pleasantly bitter-sweet, Tagliatella is the perfect drink for any time of the day.
MAIN INGREDIENTS: Grappa, cherry distillate, bitter orange, herbs and spices.
AROMATIC PROFILE: Intense and pleasant bouquet, with a wide variety of fragrances from fruity and flowery to herbal and spicy, extremely well-balanced.
PALATE: Intense bouquet, pleasant and fruity, floral with notes of herbs and spices, with a predominance of cherry.

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Bottega Sandro Grappa 700ml

The Bottega Family is three generations of vintners, master distillers, and lovers of excellence.

Harmonious and full flavour that spreads softly on the palate and has a long-lasting finish. Its aroma is reminiscent of fresh fruits and green meadows. The production is made from the grape variety Prosecco and Pinot Bianco. These grapes are grown in Veneto. The Grappa Morbida Sandro by Bottega is a perfect digestive or an ideal companion to a coffee.

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