Ospitalità Italiana – Quality Approved Ristoranti Italiani nel Mondo


Ospitalità Italiana is a quality seal certification in hospitality recognized by the Italian Government. It was created in 1997 to protect consumers and promote Italian traditions in agriculture and food products and to value Italian gastronomic culture. The network of certified enterprises includes more than 5,000 Italian hotels, restaurants and holiday farms. Overseas, the certification is restricted to restaurants and more than 2000 have been recognized worldwide.

La Bella Italia – 10 Nevis Street, Petone

Antonio’s many years of tireless hard work and sticking to his guns has been officially recognized by receiving the Ospitalita’ Italiana seal certification on the 21st of November.

The Italian Ambassador, Fabrizio Marcelli, presented Antonio the highly prized plaque during the Worldwide Italian Cuisine week demonstration dinner held at La Bella Italia. This is a momentous achievement and is testament to Antonio’s dedication and passion towards sharing his culture & traditions and of course the food that he loves so much.

La Bella Italia’s recent recognition being amongst the top 70 restaurants with Pizzeria in the world has been well publicized. Not only is it huge for Antonio and for the Wellington region but also for New Zealand.

For the uninitiated New Zealand doesn’t have the depth and breath of genuine quality Italian products or restaurants of many other places in the world. We should all be truly grateful to Antonio for what he has achieved and delivered for us Kiwi’s and for all he is continuing to strive for.

What does this latest recognition mean?

It means that La Bella Italia has been officially recognized as a restaurant in the world that provides its customers with a genuine Italian experience and where products are guaranteed to be made in Italy of highest quality and where the locally produced products have the same mark of quality, care and distinction.