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Antonio leads a tour in Italy every year. Each year follows a different itinerary, and visits many interesting places. It includes such things as demonstration dinners, cooking classes, winery, chocolatier, and cheese visits and tastings, classic Italian dinners, relaxation, shopping, and beauty.

This year’s tour itinerary has already begun. The tour will run from 4 to 14 September, and will cover Puglia and the Amalfi Coast.

Massalubrense, in the Amalfi Coast, is Antonio’s hometown, where guests will stay in his family hotel, La Primavera, and enjoy a local’s look around.

The tour is a unique blend of food, wine, art, history, music, families, traditions, and passion.

The tours are very personal to Antonio, and every year he gets to know each guest to give them a personal and memorable experience. His aim is to show the places he loves to the people he loves, and share Italy with New Zealand.

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